Get LIFELONG results by combining the RIGHT Workouts with the RIGHT Attitude & the RIGHT Nutrition and Lifestyle Habits…..

Flexible to fit with your lifestyle
No special equipment needed
Time efficient and effective workouts to build strength, stamina and whole body fitness
Be self-confident and empowered to take control of your life
Maintain your motivation
Learn, practice and embed positive habits relating to food, fitness and your mindset
Create a health and fitness habit for life



If Joy's Fitness Hub isn’t enough to get you excited, I’m also including:  

8 Free Bonuses Worth $582

That's $582 of bonuses for free when you join
Joy's Fitness Hub

You’ll receive instant access to…

BONUS #4:  Hard Copy Recipe Book

Created by our very own home-style Hub cook, Roslyn Rees, this recipe book contains family friendly meals for you to create that follow our nutritional guidelines.  

BONUS #6:  Nutritional & Lifestyle Medicine Tutorials

Stacey Curcio, naturopath/nutritionist from Cultivating Wellness is our Hub foodie chick and has established a diverse range of food tasks, guidelines, meal plans and tutorials that cover the key elements to eating healthy and nourishing food for life.  

BONUS #7:  Inspiring Guests & Expert Advice  

Learn all you can from our inspiring guests and range of fitness, nutrition and motivational experts.  We engage with a range of specialists to make sure you receive everything you need to be successful.  This includes physiotherapists, podiatrists, gynaecologists and many more specific to the variety of fitness programs we offer in the Hub, such as yoga, running, triathlons and crossfit.

BONUS #8:  Mp3 Player

A fully loaded mp3 player with all the audio workouts, live workouts and teleconferences ready for you to play at any stage during the day or night.  A fuss free way of working out with me and learning more about fitness, food and motivation.  

Meet Stacey Curcio - Cultivating Wellness

Hear From Our Members...
Meet Fiona Waters

Here’s How Joy’s Fitness Hub Works:  

Variety is the key!
Each week you’ll receive a range of workouts that will challenge your body’s energy systems, improve your movement and strength and increase your metabolic rate.
Each week the program becomes a little more challenging, however modifications are ALWAYS available. We encourage you to complete each week at your own pace so you can feel comfortable with the exercises and how they fit with your life.

Time Efficient 
The workouts within the program are based on High Intensity Interval Training and cross training elements. This is the most time efficient yet effective way to improve your strength, cardio fitness and speed within a busy schedule. Most workouts are no longer than 20 min with some being as short as 5min. Something is always better than nothing; it's a consistent approach that is your key to success.

Eat Well For Life
We're not about starving or bootcamping your diet!

Stacey Curcio, naturopath, has established a progressive food journey that teaches you each week what to eat, how to eat and why it's important. Understanding the why behind your food choices and habits is a critical element in long term change. 
Self Confidence
Our health and fitness impacts on how we progress through life and our attitude towards family, friends, work etc... Building your self-confidence is a critical element to achieving lifelong health for you and your family. Each week we provide you with guiding questions and tasks that will help you build self-confidence and clarity on what you really want from your life. 

The 'Joy' Factor
If there's no "JOY" then it's hard to get excited about fitness. Let's get you punching the air and ready to take on life. The Joy's Fitness Hub community, really do keep you humming. The live group fitness sessions and spontaneous challenges keep you on a fitness high.

Motivation Mojo
Maintaining your motivation is critical to achieving your health and fitness goals. Each week you will be asked to complete a weekly assessment to see how you progressed. Our team want to do all we can to help you stay on the motivational wagon, which is why we make ourselves available via coaching calls as well as within our private Facebook group. We want to know you've fallen off the wagon, so we can help you get back on.

No fancy equipment necessary!
You don't need to buy anything special for this program. We pride ourselves on being a sustainable program that recycles and makes the most of what we have around us.

Anywhere, anytime!
Everything we deliver is both virtual and even if your internet is not up to speed, we have you covered. We send you a physical diary, a fully loaded Flash Drive and an MP3 Player loaded with all the weekly workouts and the Hub Chat library.
You have full access to the program any day, any hour, any timezone.
Your way in your Time !!

We've got your back
We may be a virtual fitness centre but we are also a fitness community dedicated to supporting you and working through your challenges. You can get all the advice, support and guidance you need with access to a closed Facebook group as well as LIVE Coaching Calls with Joy and a system to ask her a question anytime. 

Our team of trainers and experts are all available to answer your health and fitness questions for as long as you are a member of The Hub. The Hub will help you keep it real and keep motivated to achieve your goals. 

Access to our Progressive Fitness Program

• Get fit anywhere and anytime with our range of workouts that develop your strength, stamina and body confidence without the use of special equipment.  

• Decide your own fitness level from beginner to advanced, each week as you progress through the program.  

• Improve your cardio fitness and increase your energy with our variety of high intensity and cross training workouts.  

• Video demos for every strength and mobility exercise, will give you confidence to tackle new exercises

• Audio workouts will help you stay motivated and excited! Accessible via the mp3 player or downloadable from the Hub site, just click PLAY, get off your rear and knock over that workout with Joy in your ear.  

Weekly & Monthly Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine Program

• Nutritional guidance is provided by Stacey Curcio (B.HSc, M.Human Nutrition), our Hub nutritionist/naturopath from Cultivating Wellness. Simply follow Stacey's weekly food tasks and the nutrition and lifestyle medicine tutorials to achieve a whole food plan that is sustainable for life.  

• Food tasks and tutorials accompany each week of your fitness and motivation program

• Try recipes and cooking tips on meals and snacks that the whole family will enjoy.

• Participate in open forums and teleconferences to discuss nutritional challenges and topics.  

Special BONUS Resource Package that helps you complete the program anywhere, anytime
Weekly Planners

• Printable 
• Easy to follow checklists of what to complete each day
• Fitness level options for Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced
Exercise Video Library
VALUE $67/month

• Clear and Concise video demonstrations of the weekly exercises
• Follow along to check your technique and choose your level
• Learn new ways to move your body safely and strengthen muscles effectively
Weekly Foodie Chats with Stacey Curcio (Naturopath, Nutritionist from Cultivating Wellness)
VALUE $45/month

• Bonus tips and motivational advice on how to be successful with each weekly food task
• Improve your knowledge and understanding of the food task and how to create healthy habits

Yes, it really is a journey and you can take it for as long as you like.  

We have created a holistic, progressive and long term fitness, nutrition and motivation program that is designed to develop your physical and mental fitness so you can maintain healthy habits for life!  

CONSISTENCY really is the key to achieving and successfully maintaining a healthy and fit body and mind.   

The Hub program is one that fits with your lifestyle and can be maintained for life.  

When you join Joy's Fitness Hub you will begin at the Entry Level:
Entry Level: Weeks 1 - 12.
Within this level you will:

• Develop your body weight strength
• Improve your base cardio fitness
• Learn critical nutritional guidelines that form the basis of a whole food diet
• Engage with the Joy’s Fitness Hub trainers and group through live workouts, teleconference and private Facebook groups
• Identify skills in setting goals that keep you motivated
• Develop a positive mindset about what is possible
• Establish a fitness habit that fits with your lifestyle

After 12 weeks you will then progress to the Build Level for weeks 13 - 24.  
Within this level you will:

• Extend your body weight strength and range of movement
• Challenge your cardio fitness, speed and stamina
• Learn a diverse range of nutritional and lifestyle medicine tools relating to gut health, emotional eating and meal planning
• Engage with Joy’s Fitness Hub trainers and other members to achieve goals and stay focused
• Establish your own personal belief in health and fitness

24 weeks may seem like a long time but this is not a BOOTCAMP style program.  

This is a program that fits with your lifestyle, is time efficient and builds progressively with your overall physical and mental fitness.  ​​​​​​​


Hey that’s ME !  

My name is Joy McClymont and I am a Personal Fitness Trainer, Motivator, mother of four, Grazier (of cattle and sheep) and I help people all over the world feel good about who they are and what they can achieve for their health and fitness.  

My passion for health and fitness started as a young active kid but has taken many twists and turns since then.  From excessively overtraining for Ironman Triathlons, with nil body confidence and frequent yo-yo dieting, to feeling sloppy, sluggish and oh so tired after the birth of my first baby.  It’s been a learning curve to say the least!  

Coaching and helping people be fit and healthy is what I have always done through various team sports and fitness training groups. While working as a personal trainer for a health organisation , I realised that it wasn’t just the program that people needed to guide them along, it was in fact their social connections, motivation, belief and self-confidence which determined their success.  

This realisation was accompanied by my relocation to an isolated property in western Queensland, Australia where I soon realised that those critical elements to success were seriously lacking.  We live 100km from the nearest town and the social connections of a gym and training group. My motivation was at an all time low with just a hot, dusty track to run on and no fitness trainer to boss me around.  I thought I had a strong belief in the importance of fitness but  I felt so challenged when fitness seemed to come dead last on the priority list below fencing, cattle work and property development. I felt selfish for suggesting I take time out to exercise and started to believe it didn’t matter.  My self-confidence was slowly diminishing with each kg that crept on, with each pair of shorts that didn’t fit and each sugar crash that ended in either a tantrum, tears or both.  

It was time to get back on the horse!  I knew what it felt like to be fit (which actually made it worse because I knew how much I’d slipped), all I needed was to start.  I had an idea that grew and instead of starting with my own fitness, I started training people via email and the phone.  Making my own social connections, gathering the troops and creating my own motivational support group.  This was the beginning of Off The Track Training and the creation of Joy’s Fitness Hub, my virtual fitness centre designed for anyone, living anywhere.  
Initially it was about "going somewhere in the middle of nowhere" for people living in rural, regional and remote Australia.  Now I believe people can feel like they are in the middle of nowhere, isolated and alone, in any city or town.  

Joy’s Fitness Hub is not just about fitness, it’s about social connections, it’s about believing in yourself, it’s about making the most of wherever you live and whatever time you have available so that you are in the best shape possible (mind & body) to make each day count.  

Keep humming and bring the JOY into your life!


Here’s what to do NOW

If you’d like to take action and experience the benefits of Joy’s Fitness Hub and the fantastic fitness, nutrition and motivation training program, just click the SIGN UP button below and choose your payment plan.  

You CHOOSE your commitment!

You can choose to stay in the Hub one month at a time and leave with 30 Days Notice (Click Here to see our 30 Day Policy) or you can lock into seeing long term results by committing to 12 Months Membership as an annual payment plan (this is a real bargain with the first 2 months free).  You will be billed at the same time each month or year - so take note of the date.    

Once you’ve joined Joy’s Fitness Hub and completed the initial login details, you will have full access to Joy’s Fitness Hub and all that it includes.  

So you can get started straight away - wherever you are and whatever fitness level you are at!  

I promise you that Joy’s Fitness Hub will change how you look and feel about yourself and will help you live a happy, healthy life.  

So let’s get you humming!  Take charge of your health and know that how you feel is in your hands.  Joy’s Fitness Hub will be the map that guides you along a journey that will change your life forever.  

What you get:

Complete access to Joy’s Fitness Hub training program Weekly Fitness, Food & Motivation program ($200/mth)
Weekly Fitness Planners Designed for Beginners to Advanced ($40/mth)
Audio Workouts 24 Workouts with Joy in your Ear ($40/mth)

Nutritional Chats & Tutorials with Stacey Curcio (97/mth)
e-Recipe Book Home style recipes from Hub Cook Roslyn Rees ($57)

 Live Workouts with Joy & her team of trainers 3 x per week (145/mth)
➡ BONUS Resource Package with USB, mp3 Player & Fitness Diary ($234)
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​➡ Program ($609 Value) + Bonuses ($234) = $843 Value

$97 /month
  • (Normally $127/ Month
  • Get
    8 Free Bonuses Worth $582

$970 /annual
  • (Normally $1,164 Annual)

  • Get
    8 Free Bonuses Worth $582
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Please take note that this offer is extremely limited. Remember you're getting access to valuable resources and the entire Hub program that will take you on an ongoing and progressive fitness, nutritional and motivational training program journey as well as BONUS resources that allow you to be fit and healthy anywhere, anytime.

With this program I’m giving you the opportunity to change your life forever.  This is your chance to take action, follow the JOY’S FITNESS HUB JOURNEY and create healthy habits that are with you for life.  

Best of all it is time efficient and will fit in with your lifestyle - enabling you to spend time doing the things you love with family and friends.  

Hear from some of our Hub Members
My proudest moment in the Hub has been committing to the Kosciusko trek, making it to the summit of Kosciusko in VERY inclement conditions and seeing it through to the end. I

have met some terrific people as a result and I certainly would not have achieved any of this without being involved in the Hub.

This is through the exercise achievements, fine-tuning and diet and setting the goals. Thanks Joy.
Louise Martin
So hard to pick my proudest moment in the HUB because there has been SO many. The Mt Kosciuszko trek was right up there as my mind and my body had to push further than they had ever done before. All the groundwork that I had done in the HUB (exercises, nutrition and mindset) really set me up to succeed. Big ticket items aside, I'm proud to be a Hubber 4 Life because it isn't about motivation or falling off the wagon now, the whole thing is a very positive habit in my everyday.

All those little things that I have changed throughout the course of 10 months have now moved me a million miles from where I started. And it hasn't just been about food and movement, self esteem and attitude are right up there too.
Ainsley McArthur
Got Some Questions ?

• Do I need to have a certain level of fitness to join the Hub?

Absolutely not!  We cater for all levels of fitness by providing modifications to sessions and workouts.  We give you the choice to complete the beginner, intermediate or advanced level each week, so you can adjust the intensity as you improve.  
• How long does my membership last?

Your membership will continues for as long as you wish to stay involved.  Our program is a progressive and evolving health and fitness community.  However it is advised that you complete at least the first 24 weeks as it is develops your baseline fitness, nutritional habits and mindset.  

• When will the first monthly payment be deducted?

The day you register for the Hub is the first monthly payment.  Monthly payments will then incur on the same day each month, throughout your membership.  

• Do I need any special equipment?

No special equipment is necessary!  Every exercise and workout can be completed by simply creating a little bit of space, wherever you are.  As you progress through the program you may feel like you want to add some extra weight to your strength sessions.  We help you utilise what you have around you.  Purchasing special equipment is not necessary.
• Can I take the workouts and entire program with me when I travel?

Yes, absolutely!  

This program is possible to complete anywhere anytime, especially with the mp3 player, diary and USB.  These three resources allow you to follow the program regardless of internet access.  A landline or mobile phone is handy to dial into live workouts from anywhere.  

• Can I stop and start the program?
Yes you can!  This program is self-paced so you can start and stop at any stage.  If you’d like to stop your membership for a set amount of time and re-enter then all you need to do is contact our Support team. To stop your membership completely you simply need to notify our Support team and give 30 days notice.  
• Can I ask a question about the program to Joy or her team?

Definitely!  We encourage it!

We have a button in Joy’s Fitness Hub that enables you to lodge a question or request more support in any of the key areas - Fitness, Motivation, Nutrition, Technology.  

We will answer these within 48 hrs so we don’t leave you hanging!  I also host a monthly Coaching Hour call which enables you to ask me any questions relating to your own personal motivation, health and fitness or anything at all relating to the program.  


• Can I claim Joy’s Fitness Hub membership costs with my healthcare provide

Membership costs are claimable through certain private health care providers.  You will need to contact them directly and quote my Fitness Australia Provider Number:  024375
If you require any further information to claim your membership fees please email with subject - “Health care claim” 
• Do I need fast internet to attend live workouts ?

Live workouts are delivered via the phone, so you can dial in on your phone or listen via the web. All Live workouts are recorded so that you do not miss any workouts.  It is not necessary to view a live video, even though it would be great.  Unfortunately the internet speed and capacity for many of our members and trainers is limited.   

• Do I need to keep up with each week as it opens ?

No it is not necessary to keep up!  The Hub is flexible and fits with life.  When life gets in the way of completing your weekly tasks then just pick up on the week when you are ready.  

• Do I need to workout every day ?

No you don’t!  Rest days are important and the Hub is about creating an exercise routine that fits with life and is consistent.  We don’t encourage burn out or boot-camp style fitness.  The most benefit you gain from a fitness habit is one that is established for 6 + months, not 6 weeks.  
• What happens if I become injured or ill?
Injuries and illnesses happen for most people at one time or another.  If you become injured or ill then all you need to do is notify one of our team members and they will work with you modify the program and offer advice and support on managing your injury or illness.  Our team of trainers and experts work with a variety of people with a range of illnesses and injuries.  For us, it’s always about finding the possibilities and doing something to improve overall health and wellbeing.
• What kind of foods can I expect to eat?

Good wholesome home cooked food closest to the natural source!

Stacey Curcio, naturopath/ nutritionist from Cultivating Wellness has a really down to earth approach to nutrition which is based on eating a whole food diet, closest to the natural source.  

The food tasks each week will map out for you the key elements to eating a healthy, well balanced diet including good sources of protein, low to no sugar, decreasing processed carbohydrates and tackling the mental challenges behind emotional eating, portion control and mindfulness.  

• How soon will I get my BONUS Resource Package?
This depends on where you live. The resources will be sent from Bathurst, NSW Australia within 48 hours of your sign up. Please allow up to three weeks for your resource package to reach you. Everything you need to start is in the Joy's Fitness Hub website so you can still begin the program straight away.
• I already attend workout classes, can I follow the program as well?
Yes absolutely!!  The Hub program really does merge with whatever classes or other programs you are following.  It’s flexible and fits with your life.
"Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any diet or exercise regime".
ABN: 64610133778